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Happy Pets, Happy Planet: Sustainable Pet Products for Earth Day

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This Earth Day, show your love for your pet and the planet with sustainable products from Hollywood Feed! Forget the guilt – you can spoil your furry friend rotten while minimizing your environmental impact. Here are some amazing brands making waves in the pet industry with their dedication to sustainability:

Eco-Friendly Fashion for Fido: Eco Lupine

Eco Lupine collars and leashes let you strut your pup’s style without compromising the environment:

  • Repurposed Plastic: Eco Lupine uses recycled plastic bottles (rPET) to create vibrant, long-lasting accessories. This reduces reliance on virgin plastic and gives plastic waste a new life.
  • Built to Last: These collars and leashes are known for their strength, meaning fewer replacements and less landfill waste.
  • Made in the USA: Supporting American manufacturing keeps transportation emissions down.

Shop Local with Mississippi Made Collars and Leashes

Embrace sustainability and support local artisans with Mississippi Made collars and leashes:

  • Using Leftover Textiles: Once the Mississippi Made bed patterns are cut from the textiles, the surplus fabric is collected and used to make our collars and leashes.
  • Ethically & Locally Made: These collars & leashes are a  comfortable and practical leash and collar for your dog, and you have peace of mind knowing it was made locally and ethically.
  • Be Resourceful, Not Wasteful: Hollywood Feed’s Mississippi Made dog beds, collars, and leashes were born out of a simple idea that has turned into a promise to our customers: be resourceful, not wasteful, and made in the USA still means something to us.

jenga with ms made collar


Sustainable Snacking for your Seafood-Loving Pup: Polkadog Green Monstah Crab Treats

Polkadog Green Monstah treats are a delicious way to pamper your pup and contribute to a healthy planet:

  • Sustainable Seafood: High-protein kelp, one of the healthiest, richest sources of amino acids, faces increasing stress from warming waters and invasive crab species, New England kelp farming is restoring balance to the natural ecosystems.
  • Simple Ingredients: 1% goes towards ocean clean up
  • Locally Made: Manufactured in Boston, MA.

Go Potty with a Purpose: Bark Potty

Bark Potty offers an innovative solution for indoor pet waste management, making it a great choice for eco-conscious pet parents:

  • Replace Single Use Potty Pads: Bark Potty can replace more than sixty pee pads, which means less waste in landfills.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (Dog Waste): By promoting indoor potty training, Bark Potty reduces the need for disposable doggy bags, which take years to break down.
  • Convenience and Hygiene: Bark Potty offers a convenient and hygienic solution for pet waste disposal, especially for pet parents living in apartments or congested areas.

bark potty


By making informed choices and opting for sustainable pet products, we can celebrate Earth Day every day. Hollywood Feed offers a plethora of fantastic options to get you started. So, embrace responsible pet ownership, celebrate our planet, and show your furry friend you care – for them and for the Earth they call home.

Remember, small changes collectively can have a significant impact. Let’s walk towards a more sustainable future, one wagging tail at a time!

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